At Black Lamb Consignments we appreciate that fine furniture and goods of quality were built to last forever.  As our commitment to a world of limited resources becomes an imperative,  finding second homes for things we have outgrown or no longer need is simply smart living.  Let us help you recycle your fine home furnishings through resale consignment.

When you are relocating, downsizing, re-decorating or liquidating, we can help make your transition easier.  We work with you in a professional and knowledgeable manner to determine the value of your goods and showcase them to buyers who appreciate their worth and beauty.  Unlike one time estate sales, auctions, garage sales and internet boards that bring limited showings, we provide an appealing display of your items in our storefront and a constant flow of clientele. No method of home liquidation generates consistently high returns as a Black Lamb Consignments sale. Our selection of merchandise is unmatched!


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