Furniture Consignments

Black Lamb specializes in furniture consignment. Our inventory consists of a wide variety of high end furniture, fine accessories for the home and curiosities.  We do not accept apparel of any type. Our inventory consists of a wide variety of high end furniture, fine accessories for the home and curiosities. We bring you the best in the resale of home goods.

We preview each item carefully and select only the finest and highest quality furnishings, accessories and decorative items.

Accepting your items

First, we preview your goods and fine furniture either in the store or in your home. You can bring your portable items in during our normal business hours, no appointment is necessary. For larger items, Black Lamb Consignments offers convenient preview service in your home. Also, photos are welcome and can be emailed directly to us prior to consignment evaluations.


When we inspect your merchandise we will set the price range based on: history, manufacturer,  condition, patina, repairs, general consumer demand and competitive pricing. Our staff includes a nationally certified personal property assessor to help ensure appropriate values are established. We view each consignment as a partnership and acknowledge it is in everyone’s interest to price items at  fair market value.

Our fee is 50 percent of an item's selling price, with a consignment period of 90 days. However, building a long term relationship with our customers is more important than any single consignment.  Therefore, based on the value and nature of the consignment, we work to help you achieve your desired net price. Most items sell quickly; in fact, our average turnover takes place within the first 30 days. If your items do not sell, we may purchase them for the gallery, can arrange to donate them or, if you choose, return them to you.

Pickup and delivery for large items is available for a small fee (call for details).

Only the best quality!

All consigned pieces must be free of defects and any smoke or pet odor. Upholstered furniture should look like new. It must be clean, no fading, no stains and no worn or torn areas. All necessary parts for assembly must accompany your items. It is your responsibility to eliminate items with visual defects such as scratches, stains and tears before consigning them. We reserve the right to reject any items not meeting the strict and established standards of Black Lamb Consignments.



Consignment terms

·      Minimum Consignment Period is 90 days.

·      Black Lamb Consignments pays the consignor 50% of the item’s sale price.

·      During the consignment period, based on customer response and interest, Black Lamb Consignments reserves the right to negotiate a price reduction between 0% and 30% of the initial asking price.

·      Upon the sale of your item we will write you a check. Checks are batched together at the end of each month for the previous month’s sales. Checks are available for pick-up at the store on the last business day of the month.

·      At the end of the consignment period an extension may be negotiated or the item/s may be picked up by the consignor at any time, at no expense to the consignee.

·      If an item remains in the store beyond 120 days, Black Lamb Consignments reserves the right to donate unclaimed items to charity. 

Property is accepted for sale at the risk of the owner who should have his/her own insurance. While we assume no responsibility for fire, theft, breakage, wear and tear, the consignor can be assured that reasonable precautions are taken to protect his or her property. Your business and our reputation are important to us. Consignors state that all consigned property is theirs, lien free and saleable merchandise.


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