Estate Liquidation

Families and individuals looking for  proven professional liquidation services, whether selling all or some of their property, look to Black Lamb Consignments.  We are proud that many area lawyers and realtors  refer their clients to us, and we are equally proud that past customers recommend us to relatives and friends.  Moving can be challenging and settling an estate an emotional and trying experience.  We handle all with the sensitivity and professionalism that have come to be our trade mark.

Our services differ from that of other liquidators  in that we do not orchestrate  one  or two day sells typically associated with estate closures. Your house will not be overrun with strangers rummaging through your belongings and public advertisements listing your homes contents. Nor will you be subject to the “best price” outcomes of an auction.

Instead Black Lamb Consignments will work with you and your family members to  first identify items of highest value. We will then consign  or purchase them from you in a staged and systematic manner.  Our pricing and liquidation process will ensure accountability and transparency, allowing you at anytime to know exactly  what the disposition of any particular item is.

Our liquidation process is for the discerning individual or family that appreciates the quality of their personal property and wishes to protect the their privacy while disposing of home furnishings, special treasure, antique, heirlooms and curiosities they no longer need or wish to keep.


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